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Zaccharie Talhaoui,
18 years old (in 2006)
Missing person
French nationality

Brown eyes
Short brown hair
Size 5 feet, 11 inches (1.80m)
Weight: 163 pounds (74 kg), Shoes size 43
Big beauty spot on right arm, dimple with the right cheek when he smiles


Personality: He is quiet, shy, reserved, polite, smiling. He speaks French and little English.

Help his family to find Zaccharie

information relative to Zaccharie should be notified to the nearest police station, any French consulate or embassy or leaving a message on: aidezac@yahoo.fr


Circumstances of his disappearance

Zaccharie Talhaoui disappeared on Sunday, August the 20th,2006, at approximately 6 a.m., aboard the ferry connecting Mellila ( Spanish enclave in Morocco) in Malaga (Spain) while he made the crossing with his parents. The boat tied up at 7 am and all passengers went out. He would have been seen by a witness in a shop of the port of Malaga


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Important note: every major person being the object of a research for disturbing disappearance can oppose, during its discovery, to the communication of its coordinates by the services of inquiry



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